Protect the entire Office 365 environment from advanced threats such as business email compromise and credential phishing. Investigate and remediate attacks automatically.

Supports organizations throughout the lifecycle of an attack.

Prevention & Detection

The simplest way to stay secure is to prevent attacks from occuring in the first place.
Office 365 employs industry-leading artificial intelligence to detect malicious and suspicious content and correlate attack patterns to identify campaigns specifically designed to evade detection. Our powerful filtering stack protects against a wide range of volume-based and targeted attacks, such as business email compromise, credential phishing, ransomware, and advanced malware.

Where the email is coming from by understanding the source

  • Around 25% of all malicious messages received are immediately blocked at the edge before being delivered to an inbox.
  • Simultaneously, machine learning models on the edge determine email traffic patterns for your domain and, if necessary, block anomalous email traffic.

What is inside the email that could be compromising

  • To detect malicious content, we use a combination of standard anti-virus and anti-malware engines, as well as our Safe Attachment and Safe Links capabilities.
  • Attachments or links in emails are opened in a sandbox environment, where the content is analysed by our machine learning models, which look for malicious signals and perform deep link inspection, allowing zero-day malicious attachments and links to be detected.

Who the sender is and if the person, brand, and domain are authentic

  • To prevent spoofing or Business Email Compromise attacks, we authenticate the source to ensure that the sender is who they claim to be.
  • SInternal emails are subjected to the same security measures as external emails.
  • Emails sent between domains owned by your organisation are validated by our anti-spoof technology to ensure they truly originated in your organisation.
  • In the case of external domains, our spoof intelligence checks to see if the domain has been configured in accordance with SPF, DKIM, and DMAC standards. If not, it will observe and learn message sending patterns from the domain to detect spoofed messages.
  • To protect your high-profile users from impersonation, mailbox intelligence employs a machine learning model to create a contact graph of who they are normally in contact with, deciphering anomalous and good behaviour to detect impersonation attempts of trusted individuals. What is the content of the email in your organisation?



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Anita C

Business Manager


As a rapid response service provider we need reliable IT support 24/7. That’s why we work with the NATC team. They provide us with an exceptional managed IT service that is tailored to us. Working with a local NZ company also means that we know we’ll get the support we need when we need it. As well as managing all our IT needs, the NATC team also completed a full tech fit out of our new office and warehouse. It was refreshing to work with a team that took the time to understand what we actually needed and challenged our thinking around IT. The result is a truly efficient IT system that is reliable and secure.

Kate C

Senior Advisor | Clients & Marketing


I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with a couple of projects it was a big effort and you and the team were easy-going and helpful all along the way. You are professional, resourceful and above all, patient. I enjoy using your company as you are reliable and get the job completed to a high standard, within the quoted budget and time frame.

Marchan V


 Apex Fencing

NATC work very hard at what they do. They CARE about the customer and its not just about earning a few dollars and spending a few hours. They focus on establishing a relationship with their customers with honesty and integrity.

Ben D


 Fox Plumbing

We have used NATC for 5 Years and could not be happier. Our IT systems always perform and if there is ever any incidents, they resolve the issues fast and effectively.